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CSD 2022

23 July 2022 CSD Berlin | Berlin Pride 2022CSD Berlin | Berlin Pride parades through Berlin with a bilingual motto:United in LOVE!Against hate, war and discrimination. The open, grassroots CSD Forum met on Sunday, 3.4.2022. After a long discussion of the TOP 10 ideas (which were brought in by the community), the decision was almost unanimous. Bilingualism, the reference to the current world situation and our fight against hate, agitation and discrimination of all kinds were particularly important. The Berlin CSD e.V. always decides on the motto and the demands by convening the CSD Forum and also by grassroots democratic voting with the community. In this forum, members of the association and interested community members are called upon to find the motto of the demo and to work out the list of demands. Admission is free of charge. Event: Political demonstrationOrganiser: CSD e.V. BerlinGenre: DemonstrationFor traders: Streetfood, high-quality food & drinksKetering: Public CateringPeriod: 09 July 2022Location: Berlin, KuDamm, Nollendorffplatz, Potsdamer Platz, Brandenburg Gate, Straße des 17. Juni, Victory ColumnWebsite:

Special Olympics – World Games Berlin 2023

17. – 25. Juni 2023 Straße des 17. Juni, Alexanderplatz/Neptunbrunnen, diverse Sportstätten, Olympiastadion The Special Olympics World Games are the world’s largest inclusive sporting event. Thousands of athletes with intellectual and multiple disabilities compete in 26 sports and 2 demonstration sports. Nine days of captivating and inspiring games by athletes for athletes. From 17 to 25 June 2023, the Special Olympics World Games will take place in Berlin – and thus for the first time in Germany. We are looking forward to an international, colourful celebration of sport – for more recognition and social participation of people with disabilities. Event: Streetfood, Food-Trucks, SportveranstaltungVeranstalter: Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023 Organizing Committee gGmbH Genre: Märkte, StraßenmarktFür Händler: Streetfood, GetränkeKetering: Organisation und Durchführung des Public Catering, administrative AbläufeZeitraum: 17.-25. Juni 2023Ort: Berlin, Innenstadt und OlympiastadionPreise: tbaGetränke tba

Special Olympics – National Games Berlin 2022

19. – 26. Juni 2022 Straße des 17. Juni, Alexanderplatz/Neptunbrunnen, diverse Sportstätten, Olympiastadion The Special Olympics National Games will take place in Berlin from 19 to 25 June 2022. Up to 5,000 athletes will then celebrate a festival of encounters in the German capital and compete in more than 20 sports. The National Games are an important milestone on the way to the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023, the world’s largest inclusive sporting event. Event: Streetfood, Food-Trucks, SportveranstaltungVeranstalter: 2022 Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023 Organizing Committee gGmbH Genre: Märkte, StraßenmarktFür Händler: Streetfood, GetränkeKetering: Organisation und Durchführung des Public Catering, administrative AbläufeZeitraum: 19.-25. Juni 2022Ort: Berlin, Innenstadt und OlympiastadionPreise: tbaGetränke tba


09 July 2022 TOGETHER AGAIN The Rave The Planet Parade is a political demonstration. On 09 July 2022, take to the streets for „recognition & preservation of electronic dance music culture as a cultural achievement“.THE MOTTO OF THE 2022 PARADE IS: „TOGETHER AGAIN“. Even when Rave The Planet was still in its infancy, everyone immediately had ideas for the motto of the first parade. In two years of pandemic, they turned into long lists with all imaginable combinations of catchwords like love, united, peace, music, family, pancakes… But what moves us most is the longing for community and freedom. Two years of pandemics and social distancing have left their mark on society. It is time to overcome the divisive and finally find together again ▶︎ TOGETHER AGAIN! The current world situation is also tense. Wars and horror pictures, as currently in Ukraine, dominate our everyday lives and the media. Once again, it is important to strengthen the good and show that things can be different. In music and dance we come together, become friends and …

Karneval der Kulturen Berlin/ Straßenfest

Berlin 26th-29th May 2023 For four days, the area around Blücherplatz is a place where people come together to celebrate what Berlin has to offer in terms of cultural richness and creativity. This festival is a statement for a vibrant city where cultural exchange is valued as a gift. Of course, this also includes a music programme that presents the most diverse musical styles from all directions. But acrobats, marionettes and other creatures of unusual shape and size, mysterious objects and fortune tellers can also be encountered while strolling around, delighting all children, young and old. There is much to discover at 350 stalls – food and drink from all over the world, arts and crafts offered by local artists or traders from further afield. There are also information stands of associations and initiatives that are committed to social justice and ecological sustainability. © by Carnival of Cultures Event: Large-scale event in public spaceOrganiser: Piranha, Carnival Office, Land BerlinGenre: Street parade, music, dance, multi-culti, internationalFor traders: Street food, drinks, high-quality cateringKetering: trader placement, procession organisation …

HanseStadtFest „Bunter Hering“

„Hüftgold Avenue“ and Art-Market on the Waterfront08.-10. July 2022 Since 2019, we have been in charge of part of the city festival in Bischhofstraße and on the Ufer-Promenade. In the „Hüftgold-Allee“ you will find delicious and lovingly cooked national and international specialities from the street food area. In the adjacent art market you will find regional and international artists and craftspeople.First held in 2004, the HanseStadtFest has developed into the largest city festival of its kind in East Brandenburg. Since 2010, the festival has been held across borders, in close cooperation with Frankfurt (Oder) and Słubice. The HanseStadtFest has become a popular event highlight in the region and attracts over 100,000 visitors every year. Summer funfair, adventure market, national and international acts, sporting events and historical scenes – there is something for everyone here. Event: Streetfood, Food-Trucks, KunstmarktVeranstalter: Messe und Veranstaltungs GmbH Frankfurt (Oder) Genre: Market, Major EventsFür Händler: Street food, drinks, arts and craftsKetering: dea and technical project management, implementation, administrative processesZeitraum: 08.-10. July 2022Ort: Frankfurt/Oder, Innenstadt, diverse PlätzePreise: Street Food pro Truck, Hänger, …

Lucia Christmas Market

21th November – 22nd December 2022 The Lucia Christmas Market is located in the heart of vibrant Berlin, yet comfortably embedded in the romantic setting of a historic 19th century brewery – today’s creative location of the Kulturbrauerei. This Christmas market is dedicated to the Nordic countries. Lucia, the bringer of light in the dark winter time, gives warmth and security, lets dreams grow and gives hope to those who have worries. Originally from Sweden, she is now worshipped throughout Scandinavia and celebrated every year on December 13th. The Berlin Luciakör celebrates this day in the Nordic tradition with a parade through the courtyards accompanied by Swedish songs and then invites you to an Allsâng. In the afternoon, when Lucia opens its doors, families are more likely to go on a pre-Christmas expedition, plunge into times long past at a small knight’s castle and on a star ladder or whirl through the clear winter air in a nostalgic chain carousel. Incidentally, the little ones leave what is probably their most important letter of the year …