Berlin, Demonstration, Major Event, Street Food


17. August 2024


The Rave The Planet Parade is a political demonstration. On 8 July 2023, people will take to the streets for „recognition & preservation of electronic dance music culture as a cultural achievement“.

THE MOTTO OF THE PARADE 2024 IS: „Love is stronger“

Even when Rave The Planet was still in its infancy, everyone immediately had ideas for the motto of the first parade. Over the two years of the pandemic, this turned into long lists with every conceivable combination of buzzwords such as love, united, peace, music, family, pancakes…

Under the motto „Love is Stronger“, the participants of the new Love Parade are standing up for love, peace, friendship, solidarity, diversity, respect, music, sustainability and community service. The organisers‘ demands include the recognition of electronic music culture as a cultural asset to be protected, the abolition of dance bans and the protection of cultural venues such as clubs.

Admission is free of charge.

Event: Political demonstration
Organiser: Rave the Planet gGmbH
Genre: Demonstration
For traders:inside: Street food, high-quality food & drinks
Ketering: Public Catering
Period: 17. August 2024
Location: Berlin, KuDamm, Nollendorffplatz, Potsdamer Platz, Brandenburg Gate, Straße des 17. Juni, Victory Column