Your contact person for events – whether you’re an event organiser or trader:

We’re creative spirits, structured logisticians, administrative strategists and careful number crunchers.

Above all, however, we are people who, even after years in the event business, still throw ourselves into organising events with passion, zest for action, joy and enthusiasm.

Art as godfather at the Ketering founding

The arts of „theatre“ and „culinary arts“ were the godfathers when in 1998 a team of actors and cooks combined their skills in the organisation of events. Since then we have been inspirationally pairing pleasure with quality, sustainability and innovation!

We work with a core team who you can quickly contact at any time, as well as a reliablenetwork of external experts.

First name, surname Role

First name, surname Role

First name, surname Role

„KETERING is a partner who pulls all the strings with a great deal of love for detail, conceives and overlooks every part of an event and impresses with professional know-how at all event junctures“.

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